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It is an unfortunate reality that people do not always act as they should. Sometimes, bad conduct by a probate executor, trustee, conservator, or other individual with access to estate assets necessitates legal action.

When such a case arises, the knowledgeable attorneys at the Huber Fox are here for you and will work to protect your rights.

Our attorneys can provide you with straightforward guidance in all types of estate disputes, including:

We are experienced in handling probate and trust litigation matters in California courts, and can represent our clients through all stages of litigation, trial, and appeal, if necessary. In addition to our experience in the courtroom, we are adept at crafting creative settlement solutions to resolve probate disputes.

Because of the family relationships involved in most trust and probate litigation matters, we have found that many disputes stem from long-standing conflict between family members. In those cases, creative conflict resolution may be a far better solution than protracted litigation.

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