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Remote Estate Planning in the Face of the Coronavirus Threat


Many people procrastinate, putting off large or unpleasant tasks for as long as possible. Making a will or a trust is often one of the things that gets postponed, usually penciled somewhere near the bottom of a full to-do list. Estate planning is important, but is a significant and serious undertaking, so it’s no wonder most people don’t make it a top priority.

The current threat of COVID-19 or Coronavirus has changed all of that. Suddenly priorities have shifted and planning ahead has taken center stage as the world faces what has now become a deadly pandemic. As new cases of COVID-19 are reported in cities and towns across California, many people are experiencing the unsettling realization that the virus is touching victims too close to home.

The good news is that it is not too late to get your estate plan in order. Even better, some Sacramento estate planning law firms, such as ours, offer estate planning consultations via phone call or video chat, allowing clients to speak with their lawyer from the comfort and safety of their kitchen table or living room. This minimizes possible exposure to Coronavirus; at the same time, the easy to use video chat capability preserves the face-to-face attorney-client relationship.

In this time of unrest and fear, Huber Fox can offer the peace of mind of knowing that you are as prepared and protected as possible. A good estate plan can save thousands of dollars and months of time down the road, preventing the issues that so often arise when a person has not prepared for their passing and their heirs have to deal with the legal problems arising out of waiting too long to create a will and trust. Taxes, attorney fees, prolonged court delays, sibling fights, and other burdensome issues are par for the course where there is no estate plan and the estate must go through the long and expensive probate process.

Coronavirus may not turn out to be as deadly or as contagious as authorities have warned. At the same time, it is wise to prepare for the worst even while hoping for the best. Preparing an estate plan with Huber Fox is straightforward and simple and is an investment that pays huge dividends down the road.

If you’d like to learn more about estate planning, or set up your own plan, call our office today to schedule a free estate planning consultation via phone or video chat with one of our attorneys.

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