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I always thought by having a Living Trust it would be so easy. I found out differently. My parents left their house in a living Trust and upon their death it would be left to my brother and myself. Upon the death of my brother I became the sole trustee but my brothers daughter brought a Will into it and tried to cut her brother out of his part or their dads estate. She didn’t want to share. Being the sole trustee of the trust I knew I had to find an attorney because this wasn’t going to be easy. Jonathan told me It was my responsibility legally to make sure my brothers estate was handled correctly. Needless to say I am so thankful to have been recommended to Jonathan Huber! I couldn’t have done it without you. He is just the greatest and so caring I can’t say enough good things about him. If you want someone you can really trust Jonathan Huber is the attorney you want.

Joan M.

We highly suggest using Attorney Jonathan Huber and the Huber Fox, P.C. for any trust needs you may have. We were searching for an attorney who would help us through a complicated elder trust matter, and were fortunate to find Mr. Huber. He had many positive reviews and rightly so. He and his office staff were very professional and attentive. They were able to meet with us in a reasonable time frame, walking us through what was to be expected when setting up a Special Needs Trust. Throughout the entire process Mr. Huber was very ethical, informative, understanding and reliable. We’re glad to have worked with him and highly recommend his services.


The Huber Fox, P.C. is truly amazing and diligent in all aspects when it comes to family/clients needs. Jonathan treats all his clients as family members and always has an open door policy to contact them regarding questions which may be asked on procedural or court filings. They always return your phone calls, emails even text messages promptly. I strongly recommend using all of there services because they have many years of excellent experience which can help you in a major way as it has done for me and my family.I’m so proud and grateful to have chosen the Huber Fox, P.C. and you should do the same too because you can sleep so comfortable at night knowing you have hired a superb group to handle all of you family needs.

Alexander H.

Everyone I dealt with was kind, professional, knowledgeable and did not hurry me, even though I knew this office is busy. Mr Halstrom took the time to make sure I understood all of the legalities of my requested actions. BecauseI I am weathering a stressful period, the kindness was especially appreciated!

Barbara A.

Benjamin Fox instilled full confidence from the very beginning. He was always prepared for each conversation and his communications on my behalf were very effective.

I would absolutely recommend this attorney for any estate related issues.

Fene C.

I had to deal with a tough and emotionally draining family probate issue and Jonathan Huber and his associate Angela Thompson helped me through a challenging 16 mo. litigation. I live out of state and can truly say, the case was settled thanks to their efforts on my behalf.

James L.

Extremely pleasant experience. Easy to make an appointment, answered all of our questions with great patience, thoroughly explained everything, took care of everything so all we had to do was sign, and even allowed us to bring our new baby. Felt comfortable and empowered knowing our will was competently completed by this firm. Highly recommended.

Hilary C.

I have worked with Jonathan Huber of Huber Fox, P.C. on more than one matter and I have been thoroughly impressed with his knowledge, work ethic, response time and most importantly the end results. He is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and put the work in for his clients. I would recommend using his services to anyone who wants results.

Bob F.

Erik completed a trust for me. He did a wonderful job. I was incredibly impressed with the way he listed to my needs and made sure they were in the trust. He was patient and kind (I had just lost my husband). I had found many lawyers didn’t call back, respond or care much but Erik was truly the opposite of this. I would return to this office again for sure.

Christina M.

Angela, Jonathan, Shauna, and everyone else were so nice to me. I had no idea what I was doing and they helped me every step of the way with my aunt’s passing, and at a reasonable price. They were very professional and knowledgeable, informing me of all my options for the different situations we encountered. 

This was the most difficult time in my life, and they made it more bearable. I will forever be grateful! Thanks guys!!!

Shana H.

The Huber Fox, P.C. set up our business corporation as well as prepared a living trust for our family. Jonathan Huber is a very thoughtful and knowledgeable attorney who makes sure that his clients understand the process completely. He asks thoughtful questions and helps his clients work through the legal process with ease. His staff is equally knowledgeable and friendly. It is always a pleasure to speak with any of them. If you are looking for sound legal advice or need a living trust to protect your family, look no further than the Huber Fox, P.C.. They are the BEST

Debbie C.

They handle our family will. They always were available to answer questions. They went above and beyond when one of our family members passed away. I can not say enough about Eric he was amazing from start to finish.

Helping us with paperwork, helping us with planning, seeing us when we needed him, always there to answer questions. I just can’t thank him enough.

Melissa K.

Ben Fox helped me so much. I have never had an attorney but he was the best. He always responded to my emails right away and kept me updated with everything. I believe I would not have received anything from my aunt’s will nor do I believe anyone else named in the will would have received anything without Ben’s hard work. A thank you is not enough!! Ben Fox is truly a wonderful wonderful attorney!

Christine C.

Unfortunately I recently dealt with a trust dispute & required a lawyer to represent my brothers/sisters and I. Ben Fox @ Huber did an amazing job of understanding what we wanted to achieve and then executed it in a professional & direct manner. I would highly recommend Ben.

Scott B.

When my sister passed away, I petitioned the court for probate. After receiving a lawsuit against her estate from her ex-husband, I contacted Jonathan and his law group. It truly was the best decision I have ever made. I was so lucky to find Jonathan and Paula. They guided my family and I through the long probate process and the stress from being sued. I recommend him highly to anyone who needs a probate attorney. (By the way, the ex-husband received nothing). When my mother and I first met with Jonathan, he immediately put us at ease. He was compassionate, knowledgeable, professional, and made us feel like family. I do not have the words to express what he has done for my family and I at the most devastating time of our lives. If you need a probate lawyer, Jonathan Huber is your man. You won’t find anyone better! He was a god send, and I will forever be so grateful. Thanks so much, Jonathan, Paula and the rest of the law group for everything. You are simply amazing!

Vanessa V.

Jonathan Huber worked alongside my sister and I to help get us through probate. He spent a lot of time with our case, with meetings, court dates and much more. Huber will work hard to ensure your or your families needs are met. He fought for what was right for our fathers estate. He is an honest, reliable estate/probate lawyer his integrity shows through his dedicated hard work. I will always recommend Huber for any future family trusts and wills etc.

Amber H.

Jonathan Huber and Benjamin Fox spent many exhausting hours on my case. They were thorough, meticulous, honest, reassuring, and the result was… my case won! These men are like family to me now, I can call anytime!


On behalf of my late son and myself, I want to thank you for all your help & kindness during this terrible time. I don’t know what you said or did to make them “cut and run”, but it worked!


Jonathon Huber and his staff made it easy to get our trust set up through his office. He explained our options in detail and we are confident our children’s financial future is well taken care of .

Sunny O.

Huber Fox, P.C. was very helpful in going through probate court process. Pretty good communication overall and any questions or concerns I may have had were answered. Thanks guys!


Jonathan Huber and Benjamin Fox spent many exhausting hours on my case. They were thorough, meticulous, honest, reassuring, and the result was… my case won! These men are like family to me now, I can call anytime!


Huber Fox gave my family very practical and useful guidance when a complicated situation arose with a relative’s estate. I was impressed by their knowledge of the law and ability to explain it in an understandable way.


Huber Fox has been a help to me, personally, and to my family as a whole, through the unfamiliar process of probate. At every step of the way, they have gone to great lengths to explain, and be certain that I understand, the process and procedures.


Huber Fox is our family attorney. Jonathan is honest and always has his clients best interests when making decisions. He helped me with my parents trust and guided me through each step of the process. He is always available to meet or he is only a phone call away.

Laurie G.

My brother and I recently received legal services from Huber Fox to process our mother’s estate after her passing. Jonathan Huber provided expert legal advice in a timely fashion, and guided us through the entire process with genuine concern and attention to detail. We’d highly recommend his services.

K. Hernandez

I’ve had the pleasure to use Jonathan Huber’s services in multiple legal matters including most recently a probate petition. He and his staff demonstrated the highest standards of professionalism with attention to detail and consistently prompt turnaround. I recommend him enthusiastically.

Chris S.

We had a difficult situation arise after the death of my wife’s mother. Mr. Huber was able to find a quick and amiable solution so we were able to close up her estate in a timely manner. Mr. Huber was extremely helpful and understanding and his staff was easily accessible for questions.

James M.

Huber Fox was very helpful with the preparation of our family living trust and other estate planning documents. Our meetings with Jonathan Huber were pleasant and efficient, and his responses to further related questions were prompt and friendly.

Nancy F.

This law firm is the absolute best. They were honest, truthful and did a GREAT job for us. They did their best to keep costs to a minimum. They kept us in the loop every step of the way.


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